Wire Haired Dachshunds

Our Wired Haired Dachshunds!

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            Karafka von Lothenthal:

Born: 28/12/2011

Out of:              Jackpot von Lotenthal


                        Harmony von Lothenthal

About:  A lady who takes first her own people,whatever it is

typical for a dachshund.

The first wire-hair witch are than also stole our hearts. 

        Moelleux Chatka Jamnika

Born: 24/06/2013

Out of:        Jackpot von Lotenthal   


                 Cayenne du Logis de Beaumanoir

About: She is a very sweet, lovely and friendly girl! Her  favourite things are eating, showing and playing!

        Lamborgini Chatka Jamnika: 

Born: 28/03/2012

Out of:        Hector of Lady Hawke


                  Cayenne du Logis de Beaumanoir

About: The ULTIMATE guard dog in the pack.Chocolate

colored and darling of godchild Emely,which therefore

gets don everything.

          Odilon Chatka Jamnika: 

Born:  03/05/2015

Out of:      Magik Rainbow Asteriks


                      Karafka von Lotenthal

About:  THE man,THE clown and THE darling