Smooth haired Dachshunds

Our Smooth Haired Dachshunds!

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              Javel von Lotenthal

Born: 20/09/2010

Out of:      F1 Shumi Pro-Euro   


                Harlekino von Lotenthal

About: My heart melted for this amazing showgirl!  She changed my opinion of a smooth hair, she is clever, always happy, never tired and soooo sweet!!! She loved to show so we went to a lot of shows,

and not without succes!

            Mochito Chatka Jamnika: 

Born: 02/06/2013

Out of:          Real Del Gotta


                    Javel von Lotenthal 

About:  The elegance itself,wich did get her mother red cheeks

by results.

Typical short-hair character.