About Us


We are Halina & Patrick and we live in the little village St-Jan Wingene.

The "Dachshund Dissease" began in 2005 when I was dropped by the dachsunds, where I learned everything about character, grooming, coat, looks,....

I got my first long haired daschund miniature (Eska) and the kennel Chatka Jamnika got started. Chatka Jamnika means " Dachshund house"

I met Patrick, who was showing dogs for over 25 years and he shared his knowledge with  me how it all worked on show...

So now after severral years we have the 3 variety's  of the miniature dachshunds, Long-, short-, wire - haired .

We try to breed as close as possible to the breed standard also healty and with great character puppy's, so they all have a great future.

We are member of different dachshund clubs.

Its also possible to visit us and our pack after contacting us

For more information please contact us